Hey everyone, we are back from our quasi-impromptu hiatus with an episode all about getting and keeping players! We talk about scheduling, player-group composition, and which traps and pitfalls are best for ensuring that your players keep coming back to your game week after week because they can’t escape! Monster of the Week: Fire Giants (So big! So hot!!)

We’re not dead!! We’re alive!! Kind of! Undead, maybe!! But we’re back, and we’re bringing you Episode 9 of Carpe DM! This episode, we talk about plotting out your first adventure arc, and reveal the secrets of the Turtle Mountain Harvest Festival! We also talk to our friend Noah about balance in games, and about how to give PCs leeway to build parts of the world! Monster of the Week: The Cockatrice, about which many terrible jokes are almost made.

In this episode, the gang puts together a map for Turtle Mountain itself, pointing at some of the interesting things that players will explore. We talk about the importance of blank spaces, vantage points, and how Disneyland can guide your map-making. No monster of the week this week, unfortunately!  

Welcome to Episode 6 of Carpe DM. In this episode, we talk about the monsters that infest the various worlds of Dungeons and Dragons. How to read stat-blocks, choose monsters for encounters, and make monsters unique and memorable! Is a Zombie Ogre an ogre who’s a zombie, or a zombie who’s an ogre? We literally never find out.

Hey everyone, we know the audio for Episode 5 was a little wonky, so the old (bad) file has been replaced with a new (good!) file that’s slightly re-edited and has vastly improved sound quality. Super thanks again to our in-a-pinch sound engineers, Uriah Findley (theuriah.com) and Matt Jacobson (mattjacobsonsound.com) without whom this episode might have been lost to the Abyss. Thanks also to our listeners for sticking with us through our growing period! The Carpe DM Crew