Hey everyone, thanks for bearing with us through our technical difficulties. This week on Carpe DM we talk about NPCs as party members, a giant demon who explodes when you kill it, and we delve into some of the inhabitants of the mysterious Turtle Mountain.

Guest: Josh Archer (http://www.thegameacademy.org/)

Monster of the Week: The Balor

Thank you so much to Uriah Findley and Matt Jacobson who threw us some after-last-minute audio help.

4 thoughts on “Episode 5: Hero Fatigue (NPCs Part 2)

  1. Lukas says:

    Worth the wait, nice episode 🙂
    If you would like to create a world map Meredith, I suggest the website Inkarnate if you haven’t heard from it allready. The free version features lots of tools to create a nice world/continental map. check reddit for nice examples of what the possibilities are.

    I have taken your idea to create a NPC that can join the party for my own campaign, so thank you for that great tip.Didn’t realise something like that was possible to do.

    I realise that you are all just enthousiasts and not professional editors or table top gamers, but when discussing some topics you guys take al lot of time to formulate what you want to say (not Chris, he is straight to the point :p ), so the tempo of the podcast often feels very slow. If we only get an hour every 2 weeks, together with a monster of the week and a special guest in that same hour, I would like to learn as much as possible in that time span. but you will get better the longer Carpe DM goes on, i’m sure.

    also a request: I know you spin the monster wheel for the Monster of the Week (MotW,from now on), but I would love to learn about the displacer beast and it’s relation with the blink dog (they are sooo awesome creatures from what i saw in the monster manual!!!)

    looking forward to next weeks episode

    1. Alexei says:

      Thanks for the tips, Lukas, we will definitely check out Inkscape on the podcast! Also, I know we can ramble a little and some of us (ok, me) love to hear ourselves talk. As you noticed, Chris always gets right to the point, so he’s going to be helping us collect our thoughts from here on in!

      As for your interest in blink dogs and displacer beasts, maybe I can lean a little on the Wheel of Monsters next time…

      Thanks again!


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