Y’all, when I said that Meredith has a visual brain, I was NOT KIDDING. Here’s our first piece of non-podcast content, a beautiful sketch she made of Turtle Mountain (presumably after it starts moving.) Click through for the high-res version.


3 thoughts on “First Sketch of Turtle Mountain

  1. Lukas says:

    Looks great. Im enjoying the podcast. I’ve been writing my own adventure for a few weeks so its fun to learn together with you guys.

    1. Meredith SK says:

      Thanks so much Lukas! Write in if you have any questions about your campaign, we’ll answer them in the show!

      1. Lukas says:

        Well I allready have the general plot of my adventure, and I have written the starting hook for my players (they are individualy captured by orcs and have to work together to escape their cavern), but now I’m struggling to create the first city they will go to. It’s hard for me to get structure in the city and to fill it with interesting things in order to make it feel alive, because I plan to have stables, taverns, banks,… even an underground black market with fighting arena. How do i begin with this proces of creating a city?

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