Hey everyone, we know the audio for Episode 5 was a little wonky, so the old (bad) file has been replaced with a new (good!) file that’s slightly re-edited and has vastly improved sound quality. Super thanks again to our in-a-pinch sound engineers, Uriah Findley (theuriah.com) and Matt Jacobson (mattjacobsonsound.com) without whom this episode might have been lost to the Abyss. Thanks also to our listeners for sticking with us through our growing period! The Carpe DM Crew

Hey everyone, it looks like we won’t be able to get Episode 5 out tonight. Don’t fret, though, we should be clear of this forest of 1d4 spears by tomorrow. We’ll try to get you episode six a little early as a consolation.   Thanks,   -The Carpe DM Crew